Sunday, July 15, 2007

Disaster.......... camera has stopped working!!!!!
I took it to work to take some shots of my latest kitchen refit and nothing happened. Flat batteries I assumed.
Charged the batteries overnight, popped them back in. Ziltch. Nada.
Fitted some new alkaline batteries just to be sure my rechargables hadn't died. Nope.
So my latest video, "Make a plane iron", has to wait until I get my camera repaired (or replaced).


nick b said...

sorry to hear about the camera!!! in the meanwhile you should get to work on another krenov styled piece!!! how about coopered doors *drool*. keep up the good work!

-a fan

Philly said...

Thanks Nick - my new camera should arrive today.
Another Krenov style piece?? Good idea - I have some lovely slabs of timber that have been giving me ideas. Stay tuned!
Best regards