Sunday, February 19, 2006

A WW Weekend

I've started on my next project-Hurrah, I hear you say? ;)
It's a saw till to hold my ever increasing pile of hand saws. Black walnut is the timber of choice, with a dovetailed carcase and a frame and panel lid. It will be fully fitted to hold the saws comfortably (although that part of construction is still in the planning stage) and have a locking lid (to keep the Missus from "borrowing" them for Ebay!!) WIP pics to follow soon.
Went to Ally Pally Woodworking Exhibition yesterday-a fun day out apart from the atrocious traffic :(
Met up with Dave L, Gav and Les Mahon from the UK Workshop team as well as chatting with the usual WW scene Superstars (Terry Smart, Martin Brown and Mark Ramuz). The show wasn't as much fun as last year-the sponser going bust a month ago can't of helped on that front..... I will miss Axminster this year. See you all at Yandles in April!
Oops-forgot to mention the Airpress I picked up on the way out. Anyone got any veneer going cheap??

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