Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Four on the Floor

As you may know, I've now made four boxes. Time to stop, I think ;)
It is surprising how much faster you get when you make more than one of a project. Also, the mistakes drop away quickly. I seem to make most of the boo-boo's on the first one-after that I'm pretty good. So maybe it is a good idea to make multiples of a project? I remember reading that Norm Abrams makes two of each project-the first one he builds works out the construction details. The second (the one he builds on the show) incorporates the lessons he learnt on the first one.
Now I'm not suggesting you set up production of whatever project you are building, but when you consider the amount of time spent making jigs, setting up machines, etc, it kinda makes sense to run enough parts to make a second one. I'm hoping this means the dining room suite I have to build soon will not be as long winded as I think it could be ;)
On another note-I am moving!!! Fear not, the New Dorset Workshop is only moving a couple of miles up the road. But it will be detached from the house, so hopefully nocturnal woodworking will be back on the menu! Stay tuned.........

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