Monday, January 09, 2006

Pep-Up Project

Thought I would build an easy little project to get myself back into the swing of things. How about a box? Everyone loves a box and I just happen to have some suitable timber lying about (well, cluttering up the shop)
As I am a bit rusty I decided to use the Littlerat to cut the dovetails. Unfortunately, I had a few problems......The first router bit snapped off nearly immediately and the second one burnt the bejesus out of the timber. So, to plan B
The "Mitred Box"
I have some purpleheart that is going to set this one on fire!


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil

Just perusing your site again and saw the blog for the first time. Bad luck on the rat mate but then serves you right for not cutting them by hand :)

Love the cabinet you finished before xmas, particularly the lower rails


Philly said...

Thanks Mate!
Look out for the cherry cabinet in the month after nexts Good Wood ;)