Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kinda getting there

So-does it look a bit like a Maloof chair or what??
Yes, progress is happening on the chair, all legs are glued, screwed and plugged. A bit more shaping before the arms are glued on-its easier to shape them at the bench than glued into the chair.Final fitting of the back and then its sandpaper time. Certainly can't wait to apply the first coat of BLO!
Work has been busy so time in the workshop has been seriously limited. Isn't that always the way? Off to London tomorrow to watch "The Offspring"-ear plugs at the ready!


Anonymous said...


I like the way it's coming together! Just one comment. I find the section of the arm where it meets the back leg rather too heavy for my taste. Are you intending to leave it as deep as it is or is there some slimming to be done?


Philly said...

Hi Mate
I left it a bit oversize to give me a little freedom when it comes to final shaping. Arms and back are now glued in so it's time to get it finished. I'll post some more pics tomorrow.

Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

Looks really great, Philly!

Can't wait for the final shaping and that first coat of oil. That Walnut is going to just get so warm and inviting!

Take care, Mike