Friday, August 12, 2005

The Chairman

The mock-up of my Sam Maloof chair is finished (well at least enough that I am confident to try the real thing!) It has been an eye opener making these mock-ups. I usually make flat surfaces in my woodworking, in fact most of the tools and techniques I use are expressly for that purpose. But this chair-there are no flat surfaces! All curves, blended into other curves. Of course, you start out with flat bits of timber whic allow you to work out the joinery. But from there its all curves.
Rasps and spokeshave do most of this work (although my Arbortech disc cutter removes a lot of the wood first) I was surprised what a good combo they worked out to be, the rasps removing the waste quickly and the shaves cleaning it up and leaving a smooth surface. It has been a pleasant change and I look forward to setting upon the lovely, knot-free Walnut that is destined for the chair.

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