Monday, August 22, 2005


Well I’m finally making good progress on the chair. The seat blank has been glued up, squared up and the joint cut for the legs. That’s the “boring” stuff out of the way, time to get shaping next! The rear legs have had their joints cut and I’m starting on the front legs today (hopefully!!) I really love working with this black walnut- a great smell and so workable.
Had a lovely email from Nick at Good Woodworking-a chap had sent him an email saying how he bought the magazine because he saw my cabinet and Krenov on the cover-made me feel all warm inside.....
Went car booting yesterday (prompted by Martins’ annoyingly good finds). Came away with two Stanley braces (one an American made one) and some bits. They work surprisingly well, cutting clean holes with little effort (and even less noise!). Not sure if I’m ready to give up my 18v cordless yet, though.


Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

Looking great, Phil!

Walnut really is a great is this going to make the mag? (congrats on the note from Nick, btw--kind of a validating experience, isn't it?)

Dina has been looking again at the Maloof books and beginning to desire that table and chairs I've been promising.

Glad you are doing them first, I can learn from you that way.


Philly said...

Happy to pass on my mistakes!! ;)
Nick is already asking on the chairs' progress.......
Hope you stomach heals quick,