Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Hi Folks
Thought I'd share a photo of a Mini Panel Raiser that has recently made its way to a new owner. Made from a piece of Rosewood I've been hoarding away for years, it looks pretty stunning. And the customer is rather pleased, too, so I'm a happy camper.
I have some other exotic timbered beauties on the bench at the moment - more pics to follow.... ;)


Christopher said...

That's a real beauty, Phil. It's been cool watching your business grow over the past couple of years -- Keep the good stuff coming!

Philly said...

Thanks Chris - I appreciate it!
Phil :D

The Village Carpenter said...

Ooooh, that's a beauty! Mini-panel raiser-->very cool. That would come in handy with making spice boxes, for one thing.

Philly said...

Thanks Kari - yes, the original idea for the MPR came from Mike Wenzloff. He was after an antique plane with this profile to make small panels for boxes, etc. He lost out at the auction, so we made him an improved version (the original didn't have a nicker iron) and that's the plane you see today.
Kinda cool having a story behind it. And name-dropping like a pro.. ;)
Philly :D

Shannon said...

That is stunning! Does it come in pink too? Have you ever made a rule joint plane? You know those ones that both profiles, one on each side of the body? That would be cool.

Dean said...

The kind of timber that you used made it so stunning... I am so excited to see more of your outputs. I just hope I have those kinds of timbers and create something as stunning as yours.

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