Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coffin Smoother Upgraded

Hi Folks
One of the things I like about my job is the chance to make more than one of an item - when I build projects for the home they are usually one-offs and I never get to make them again (without the mistakes!). But over these last few years I've made many hundreds of planes - I'm pleased to say that I am still improving and refining them. And I'd like to introduce the latest refinements to my "Coffin Smoother" plane.
With the popularity of my "Classic Smoother" model I've been wanting to bring my Coffin smoother into line with its traditional looks and chamfers. So I've subtly altered the shape and added interesting period details to it. And after much testing (by myself and dozens of eager volunteers at shows) I'm pleased to say it has made the plane not only more handsome but much more comfortable to use - the flare of the body fits the hand perfectly!
I've also upgraded the iron to a full 4mm thick high carbon steel - its a BIG iron without being ridiculous. And you notice it in use - the iron doesn't even blink on even the gnarliest of timbers. The iron is also now 50mm wide (about 2 inches) making it the perfect smoother for your workshop.

So I hope you like the upgrades to this model - its not just some "go-faster" stripes added to spruce it up. Its a ground-up improvement that builds on the lessons I've learned from building planes. And did I mention she's a handsome looking plane, too!



P.s. And no, it's not called a "coffin smoother" because it was used to plane coffins - the name refers to the coffin shaped curves of the sole!

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