Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More on the Weissy

Hi Folks
Well I've had a good few days living with the guitar, and I'm pleased to say it is sounding better and better as the days pass. I'd read that the sound changes as the instrument beds in, but it has been enlightening to experience it firsthand.
I've put the rest of the build photo's on my Philsville site, so you can see how I put it together. The only shots missing are where I applied thje binding to the top edge of the guitar - my recent computer disaster meant those pics are lost :(  Anyway, the binding was made from  three layers of veneer - walnut, maple, walnut. These were applied with PVA and masking tape to clamp them in place, and it was a messy little job. But worth it :)
I recorded a quick ditty on the guitar so you can hear it in action (although I need to spend some time practising!)
Now its time to get back in the workshop - I have planes to finish.



The Village Carpenter said...

The guitar is beautiful, but I also LOVED your little ditty! Why not record some for youtube?

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!


archiphile said...

Great little ditty Philly. The guitar is a real thing of beauty. Good show and happy practicing.



Philly said...

Good idea - might just do that. Stay tuned....no pun intended ;)

Thanks Swanz, Archi!


Tom Fidgen said...

sounds sweet...

I think I have a new project in mind for next year...is it tuned to open 'E'.?

Philly said...

Thanks Tom! Open G for that ditty, although I also like Open D. And I'm using open D with no third (DADDAD) which is a great tuning to sing along to!

Anonymous said...

What!! No G string??