Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow and Catgut

Hi Folks
As you might of heard, we actually had some snow here in the UK. Needless to say, the country came to a standstill at the alien sight of few inches of white stuff. Here's a shot from the workshop - would of been more welcome at the end of December ;) You will be pleased to hear that the torrential rain has now washed away the snow and returned us to the traditional British Winter/Summer - delete as applicable :)

Shop Cat news!!!! Cupcake made a visit to the vet a couple weeks ago to ensure we don't get a house full of "Shop Kittens". She was recovering quite nicely until she decided to pull out her stitches - once we had recovered from the sight of a kitten with her insides dribbling out of her side (nice!!) we whisked her back to the vet for an emergency stitch-up. Her punishment was to wear a collar for 10 ten days - and she didn't like that one bit. But thankfully she has healed up nicely and was allowed to wander around "hat-less" today. One very happy puss!

I'm making the tote for a rather special smoother at the moment. Dovetailed brass sole, Blackwood, tote and Norris adjuster - should be pretty special. More pics soon....




Anonymous said...

Poor cupcake - cats hate those collars because they can't lick themselves. Hope she's soon feeling better.

Cheers ;Paul Chapman

Ethan said...


Cupcake looks rather pitiful in the cone! I'm glad she's out of it.

Also glad to see the plane business seems to be booming for you!

Can you shoot me some info on one of those Norris-style smoothers? I might be interested in one...


Ethan said...

Phil, I just noticed something in that first picture...

Is that the Tardis in your back yard???