Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Wood

Hi Folks
Picked up a copy of Good Woodworking today and was rather pleased to see my ugly mug in a few pictures, as well as a bunch of my planes. Certainly made my day - cheers, Andy!

Been spending some quality time with the new mill. Such a pleasure to use - it always amazes me how large machinery often excels at doing fine work. My table saw is the same - a huge machine, yet perfect for tiny, accurate cuts. Of course, it also handles the big stuff too!
One of the things I wanted to experiment with is adding brass soles to some of my planes - lots of customers have asked about this. So I'm making prototypes as we speak and should have some shiny new models for you soon.

Scared myself earlier when I looked at the calender. I'm off to the US in just over two weeks for the "Woodworking In America" conference. I'm sharing bench space with hand saw supremo Mick Wenzloff, and yes, I'm very excited!! Needless to say, I'll be taking plenty of photo's and taking lots of notes. Expect a full-on Philly Report on my return ;)

Back to the workshop......


Al said...


Have a good and safe trip - and see you in Berea! I look forward to handling and fondling some of the new planes... :-)


Philly said...

Thanks Al - look forward to meeting you in person!
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip, Phil. Say "Hi" to Mike W from me.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman

Shannon said...


Look forward to meeting you in person. I'll be in the Wenzloff class myself. Have a safe trip and see you in Berea.

Shannon Rogers

Philly said...

Will do - just found out Konrad is on the booth next to me and Mike. Gonna be sweet!
Look forward to it - make sure you say "Hi"!

DaveL said...


Have a good time, jealous who me!

Remember if there are no pictures then it never happened.

Philly said...

Fear not, Dave! I have a spare card for the camera (and probably take my laptop, too) so I can take as many photo's as possible. I aim to meet as many people as possible - you know, like usual ;)
Best regards