Monday, March 24, 2008

Rout and Grind......

Hi Folks
Finally got round to a job that has been outstanding for a long time - incorporating my router table into the side table of my table saw. Getting rid of the old router table has given me back a meter of floor space - well worth the effort. I have fitted my Incra Ultra lite fence using two inserts fixed into the underside of the table - I can remove the fence in a minute using an allen key if I need to make wide cuts on the table saw. Nice thing is this - If I don't need the router table I just wind the router down out of the way, remove the fence and its gone. Every square inch of floor space is precious!
Another exciting improvement - I have finally got hold of a Norton 3X grinding wheel for my bench grinder. Konrad Sauer was raving about this particular grinding wheel on his blog. It took me a while to track one down but wow, what a great wheel. Quick grinding without the fear of burning the steel. I put a little review on my website, here. Looks like my Tormek may be gathering a little dust from now on.......;)

And finally - Yandles Woodworking Show. It's only a few weeks away but I'm getting real excited about this one. I will be having a bench on the Classic Hand Tools stand demonstrating my planes - my first show! And, renowned author and teacher David Charlesworth will be spending some time on my bench! So please, make sure you stop by and say "Hi"!


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Ethan said...


Truly sorry I'll be missing the show, but... you know how it is, what with the cost of plane tickets and the value of the US dollar these days.

Do let us know how the show goes, though!