Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At Last

Finally - I triumph! :)
The panel raising plane is finally doing just that - raising panels!! I was looking forward to making this plane - little did I know how awkward this one would be.
I researched all I could on panel raisers, not having an antique example to examine. I quickly knocked up MK I plane and came across a few problems. Skewing the blade was no problem (keeping the mouth tight WAS) although I underestimated how much skew was needed (the profiling of the sole altered the actual skew angle). My first example suffered from choking badly - I also forgot to cut the mortise for the nicker.....
So, with lessons firmly under the belt I proceeded to MK II. All has been going well (bar the odd little cock-up here and there). Sorted the choking problem, got the nicker set up fine, spent some "quality time" perfecting the profile of the iron. It still wasn't "singing", though. After a while scratching my head and considering taking up golf I went back to the "Plane Problem Sorting 101" guide. Yes, the sole wasn't flat!
No problem - just flatten the sole. Ahh.......the sole is profiled AND features two built in fences. Some time with a shoulder plane and a straight edge sorted that. And then........magic! She started to sing....... :)
I think I'll make the tote and make this plane look pretty, now.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's singing very sweetly, Phil.


Paul Chapman

Anonymous said...

Do you plan to make left and right hand versions?


Philly said...

Thanks Paul! Just been working on the tote - a bit more sanding and I'll glue it in.
GSow - No, it was too much hassle making one!!! ;)
No, just joking! I have tried the plane out and it works well against the grain - good enough for me!
I may change my mind in the future, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im' highly interested in making one too. Do you plan to make a small article on this one some others you made on your web site ?
Or will you publish some plans (blue prints ....) about this plane ?
Thanks a lot. I enjoy your blog a nd web site especially for the plane making part.
Best Regards.

Philly said...

My plane making articles are being published in the UK magazine "The Woodworker" each month. This month is the Jack plane, next month the smoother.
Best regards

rookster said...

Wow! Looks like you solved the problems nicely. Can't wait to see it with the tote (though in my oppinion a plane looks good because it makes shavings).



Philly said...

Thanks Karl!
See todays Blog for more pics and details.

Doc On The Train said...

Great stuff! I am inspired to build one too. Please post more pictures of your panel raiser!