Sunday, July 16, 2006

What A Pair

First things first. I am a muppet when it comes to computers (and other stuff...) Apologies to all who posted comments-I accidentally clicked a box I shouldn't have in the control panel and it took an expert to put me straight. Thanks Alf ;)
So, I have completed the matching round! A pair of moulding planes! Also had to make a planemakers float today to make things a little easier. That was fun ;) Now for some answers....
Tool steel? 01 from Tilgear, about £10 for 2 inch x 18 inch, 1/8th thick. Enough for at least 6 irons and some floats.
Side beads? One step at a time, but nothing is ruled out. Pack some just in-case ;)
The Rutlands jointer has moved around some more-checked it today and the sole has straightened out some. I'll give it a week and check again. The mouth is still damn big though!
A project in mind for the moulding planes Mike? Not as such, but I'm sure most projects will find them a benefit.
So I need a to knock out a few more of these. I found the angled mortise the most difficult to make-it gets pretty tight as you reach the bottom. Oh, and did I mention the only power tools used were the drill press and table saw? I'm slowly building up some muscle ;)
Got a busy week ahead at work but the advantage of working with hand tools is the lower noise levels mean I can get lots of work done in the evening.
have a good week,


Alf said...

If I'm an expert you must really be a muppet... ;~)

They look really good, Philly, most impressive. Watch out Clark & Williams, eh? But you made a float?! Didn't you know L-N stock them? :~P

Anonymous said...

Thos planes look really very nice. Congratulations! It will be interesting to see if you can make one with a more complicated profile. I guess one could shape the iron and then use that toscrape the profile in the wood?


Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

Hi Phil--the pair look really great.

Chris, the iron needed is actually the mirro of the one used in the profile. Makers use to create such a plane, called a "mother" which was used to shape the soles of the planes for sale. They are rare to find in good condition.

Could always make a scratch stock, though. Or make a few more hollows and rounds. With a few more sizes of H&Rs and a shoulder plane, one can create about any moulding plane profile...

Take care, Mike

Philly said...

L-N sell floats? What do you take me for? Some sad tool head who puts the fear of God into his credit card?? Obviously I had no idea.......;)
Thanks Chris-I want to get more H+R's done first before I get into deeper waters. The iron was pretty straightforward-I shaped the sole then scribed it onto the iron. It is easy to tweak a perfect match, little by little. I also feathered the edges away slightly on the outside.
Mike-you're too kind! Making the side float was fun-almost like making a baby rip saw. I used 3/16 stock-it took a while to file those teeth ;) How do you do this all day??

Alf said...

Should anyone's credit card be itching:

Philly said...

Thanks for the link, Alf. $50? I made mine for nothing-thank goodness for offcuts! A file handle makes the thing look professional (kinda)
I'll post some pics soon-well as soon as I update the website (and the heat abates.........)

Alf said...

someone wrote:
"$50? I made mine for nothing-thank goodness for offcuts!"

Okay, just who are you and what have you done with Philly? :~D

Philly said...

Ha! Yeah, I felt weird when typing that. Fear not-regular service will be restored ;)

Mike Wenzloff (MikeW) said...

But then again, I think you have already stepped off the precipice of a whole new slope. You're too far gone to climp up now.

So let's see, after a bead or two, and a molding plane...what's next? Ah, well you already have some of the tools. Would be a shame not to use them on something which by then would be more challenging.

Perhance a replacement woodie jointer. You have an iron from the dissapointment, as well as critical dimensions--including ones not right. After that--a super smoother [g]...

Better grease them skis...

geppetto said...

Hi Phill,
I feel to say yout job is awesome, it's very astounding.. but if I may permit a question..I read somewhere is the sole is made onto the bark side it's so more durable.. now is it a legend of or...
However I'm waiting the next woodies..
Continue on this way.

Many cheers

Philly said...

The possibilities are endless-you have me breathless!! As you say, I am in trouble....;)
Many thanks for your postive comments!
I'm not sure on the hardness of the heart or bark side. I cut the timber to give me quartersawn stock (or as close as possible) so any movement will not affect the profile of the plane too much.
Hope this makes sense,